Yankee Offense Continues to Struggle; Lose 4 Straight

(Photo Cred.- New York Post )

After acquiring David Robertson, Todd Frazier, and power arm Tommy Kahnle, it seemed as if all was right again in the Bronx. The Yankees went into Seattle having not won a series in over a month and faced a MUST WIN four game set against the Mariners. With a [now] fully loaded bullpen, they did just that, taking 3 out of 4 and came home to sweep the Reds in a 2 game set. The Yankees didn't stop there, however. They went on to beat the division rival Tampa Bay Rays in three of four and put together a much needed six game winning streak. They were back, and it was good to be a Yankee fan again. And then a fuse blew.

For the first time all season the Yankee offense is causing them crucial games and has landed them on a four game skid after two tough losses in Cleveland. Aaron Judge has morphed back into the player we saw in 2016, Matt Holliday is in a slump so bad that you can argue he was more valuable on the DL, and Clint Frazier has lost his touch in clutch situations.

The pitching hasn't been superb but the starting rotation is far from the issue this past week. Yankee pitching has averaged 3.5 earned runs per game in this four game losing streak while the offense is averaging 1.5 runs per game. That is nothing more than a recipe for disaster.

In addition to the atrocious offense the Yankees have mustered of late, the defense has committed 5 errors in four games, three of which came in the first inning of Sonny Gray's Yankee debut. Needless to say, this team has been frustrating to watch as they continue to fall further away from the first place Boston Red Sox.

When the Yankees click on all cylinders, they are arguably one of the toughest teams to beat in all of baseball. And when they struggle, they seem as if they could be beaten by an independent minor league ball club. It has caused them to linger atop the AL East in what some may call a "see-saw" of a season. The question still remains : Are the 2017 NY Yankees legit, or do they still need another year to become contenders?

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