10 Questions in Quarantine with: Dan Federico

Dan Federico is a rising star on Yankees Twitter with his in-depth scouting reports and knowledge of the Yankees Farm System. So, who does Dan think will be that “hidden gem” potential star for the Yankees? Find out as we ask Dan 10 Questions in Quarantine.

While stuck in quarantine, if you could only watch three movies, which three would you pick?

Gotta pick The Goonies, Goodfellas and Captain America: Civil War. The Goonies is a cult classic but such an underrated comedy/adventure story. Goodfellas is an all-time classic that needs no explanation. I was late on the Marvel train so I haven’t finished every movie yet (I’m up to Black Panther) but for where I’m at, Civil War was the best of the bunch for me.

What is your favorite TV show of all-time?

It has to be The Sopranos. On one hand the acting and storylines are absolutely incredible. And being an Italian from New York, there are certain aspects of the show that are relatable as well. Watched it straight through three times and I think it’s time to start a fourth…

What is the best concert you have ever attended?

I’ve actually never attended a proper concert which is pretty wild. Depeche Mode is scheduled to come to New York in the fall and hearing Enjoy The Silence live is on the bucket list, so this answer may be changed by then!

What is your favorite meal?

It’s a tie between a rare cooked steak or Sunday pasta and you can’t get me to pick one or the other.

What was your first part time job?

I was a custodian for my grammar school during my high school summers. Painting walls, putting desks in classrooms, organizing textbooks, sweeping floors…not fun.

Did you have a hidden talent you’d like to tell the readers about? If not, what is your favorite hobby?

I wouldn’t say I have any hidden talents but one of my favorite hobbies is to cook. I’ve always been big into content creation and I’ve stayed down that lane in the kitchen. It’s fun to experiment with different recipes and make meals.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Dog person and I question the sanity of anyone who chooses otherwise…

What is your favorite sports moment as a fan?

I think it’s a tie between Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS and Super Bowl XLII. Aaron Boone’s home run rightfully steals the show but people forget how fantastic that entire series was. Then there’s the whole story of the Giants’ season; starting 0-2, going on a huge winning streak on the road, beating Dallas and Green Bay before defeating the then undefeated Patriots. Nothing better.

It’s WrestleMania season and WrestleMania is known for big moments and dream matches. If you could book one match between two wrestlers in their primes that have never squared off before, who would hey be?

There are so many. Sting vs. Undertaker is up there. Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan is another. But one match I would’ve loved to see is Eddie Guerrero vs. Shawn Michaels. I feel like the two of them were tremendous wrestlers but even better characters. Even if we’re talking 2003-2004 when they were older, the two were still fantastic in all aspects of wrestling.

We love to have you on the podcast for your insight into the Yankees farm system. Give the fans one player in the minor leagues that might be a “hidden gem” that could be a major contributor in the Bronx.

I think one guy to keep an eye on is Josh Smith, the Yankees’ second round pick from last year. He was a standout offensive player at LSU (career slash of .324/.450/.477) and has a very mature approach at the plate. He also has experience all around the infield defensively. He played in Staten Island last year but I think he can be a quick riser through the system.

You can follow Dan on Twitter @DanJFederico

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