Yankees sign #1 international prospect, Jasson Dominguez

The Yankees announced today they signed 16-year-old international top prospect, Jasson Dominguez to a deal worth $5.1 million.

Dominguez is a 5 ft 11, 195 pound, switch-hitting outfielder from the Dominican Republic. He has top-end speed and a highly regarded throwing arm. He is nicknamed "The Martian" because "there is no way his stuff is from this world" according to his trainer.

Jeff Passan with ESPN spoke to several GMs about Dominguez. This is what a few had to say, "He's like [Mike] Trout. And Trout wasn't close to this good when he was 16."

An international scouting director who tried and failed to sign Dominguez said, "it's like Mickey Mantle. He's not 6-foot. He's a switch-hitter. He's got crazy power. He's fast as s---. He loves playing."

Another general manager said, "he's like -- what's that running back's name? The short, strong one? Maurice Jones-Drew. He's all muscle. But it's not stiff. He's twitchy. Can move in all directions."

Dominguez is not allowed to play until next year, as 16-year-olds are not allowed to play the same year they sign their contracts, but Dominguez will immediately join the top tier of Yankees prospects.


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