We need the regular players back

There have been a lot of people online (and some on radio apparently) who have indicated they don't want the regular Yankees back, they want the replacements. Apparently, someone actually called in to WFAN and said he would rather lose a championship with the replacement players than win one with the regular players. WOW!.

No one can argue this team has done way more than any of us thought they would when the regular guys started dropping like flies. Not only have they kept the team above water, they've gotten themselves 6 games above .500. It's incredible. In part, that has been due to the Yankees' schedule thus far. Playing the Royals, Angels, and Giants three series in a row helps a ton. These are games they should have won, and they did, so this is not a knock on the replacement team, just an observation that their opponents haven't been very good.

To delve a little bit into the desires of crazy people who don't want the regular players back, I decided to compare the current roster 28 games in, to the 2018 Yankees, 28 games in. Through 28 games, the 2019 Yankees have scored 155 runs. The 2018 Yankees, through the same number of games, had scored 164 runs.If you're watching the games, it probably seems like there are more runs being scored , but in actuality, it's just taking more work to get those runs across without the home runs. This is a good example why this is not sustainable over the course of a season. This team is clicking right now, but it won't forever. Slumps are going to happen and hot streaks will end. The ability to hit a ball out of the park is how the Yankees won 100 games last year.

I'm not saying that I don't appreciate small ball. I do, and I think when the postseason gets here, the Yankees are going to have to play some small ball and can't rely just on the home run. But let's worry about the postseason when that happens. Right now, it's taking more work to score less runs because of small ball. Don't deceive yourself into thinking that this band of misfit players is better than the regulars, because they're not. They're doing a fantastic job keeping this team afloat, but if you want to stand with the crowd in the Canyon of Heroes in October, the regular players have to come back.


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