The story of the no name Yankees

The no name Yankees won again last night out in San Francisco 7 to 3 over the Giants. James Paxton struggled early, and wasn’t all that sharp but picked up the win allowing 3 er in 5.2 IP while striking out 8. Luke Voit, and DJ LeMahieu had 3 hits each (Voit hit his team leading 8th homer). LeMahieu also scored 3 runs. The Yankees have won 9 out of their last 11 and with the Rays getting rained out in Boston sit just 1.5 games behind first place Tampa. Isn’t that something all you skeptics?

This team really remind me a lot of the 96 Yankees. As Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Like that 96 team they are just a baseball team. They do whatever it takes to win a game. Hit behind runners, bunt, pop a few homers, steal a bag, play solid defense. The stars may be all hurt, but these dudes are fun to watch.

I am going to let you people in on a dirty, little secret. Aaron Boone is actually pretty good at what he does. Does he still struggle with the bullpen at times in my opinion? Yes! Thursday in Anaheim a prime example. It was simply for sticking with Tanaka too long (Not for bringing in Holder). However Boone gets these guys to play hard every night, he has their back with the media, and much to the chagrin of twitter keeps the message positive, and upbeat. The guy should be getting a ton of credit for where this club is at with all the injuries.

With those 3 hits last night (and 3 the night before) Luke Voit has got his average up to .276. His on base streak is up to a staggering 37 games. This guy is proving to be the real deal. I think we can safely say the Greg Bird era has come to an end, and Voit is the man to play 1B for our Bronx Bombers.

I know everyone likes to propose potential trades based on name recognition. But if you can honestly tell me you’d trade anything of value for Madison Bumgarner, I’d say you’re nuts. The Yankee lineup (with all the studs out) hit him for a career high tying 11 hits last night. His velocity tops out at about 91. It it clear the innings, and injuries have taken a toll on this once dominant ace. Unless its for a song, a Madbum trade is just not prudent.

Today’s terrible tweet goes to @medic968

“I’m a fan of Gary Sanchez but let’s be honest he continues to look over weight and is one of the most absent minded players in baseball. He needs a manager that will ride him everyday and every play. Sanchez is his own worse enemy and could be great if he got healthy and focused.”

This is so bad I could spend hours dissecting it, but I will just leave it here for the world to see.

Keep listening, keep those 5 star ratings coming, Go Yanks!


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