What's up with the 2019 Yankees?

The perpetually injured Yankees limp home tonight to take on the White Sox at 5-7. Giolito goes for Chicago while the Yanks are TBD however it is J.A. Happ’s turn on extra rest. Their recent 6 game road trip (which started a promising 3-0 after an expected pummeling sweep of the Orioles) turned disappointing after the Bombers were promptly swept by the Astros. A fear swept over social media last night when Kyle Higashioka was removed from his game against Syracuse, and called up from Scranton. Is the “tightness” Gary Sanchez felt in his groin an IL situation, or is this simply insurance? Better case is Austin Romine the injured party? Whether you are team Gary or not, at this point with so many key pieces down the Yankees cannot afford to lose Sanchez for any period of time.

Now if you believe twitter the Yankees are 0-12. They’re not. Of course their were some troubling things from the Astros series. The bullpen was not good flushing leads on both Monday, and Tuesday nights. Zack Britton has not been sharp pitching to a 4.76 era. Chad Green has been worse with a gross 9.00. Tommy Kahnle has been better than last year, but still inconsistent (4.50 ERA) As Christian said on twitter the pen misses Dellin Betances. He is clearly the linchpin of the bully. Thankfully he is on the road to recovery after throwing to live hitters Monday, he was scheduled to throw a simulated game yesterday.

The defense stinks so far through 12 games which is a problem. Clint Frazier (who will never be confused with Alex Gordon) butchered a couple of balls in left. Brett Gardner had a rough series in Houston in center. Austin Romine struggled to catch Jonathan Loaisiga, and James Paxton.

JA Happ has been awful so far, and after being really good in his 1st start Paxton has been a little off his last 2 starts. To his credit he battled in Baltimore and kept the team in the game without his best stuff.

The baserunning (pickoffs, bad reads etc...) has not been good either. This has to improve no matter what.

What I do know for certain is these issues(despite what a lot of the nincompoops on twitter believe) are not Aaron Boone’s fault. I am at a point where I’m convinced Boone hating Yankee fan blames the skipper for all that ails them in life. The boss yelled at me; “Friggin Boone” My wife won’t put out “Damn that Boone!” My mom says I can’t write my name on the OJ anymore “Screw you Boone!” My Fornite is broken “You S.O.B. Boone!” It’s getting really pathetic. The most comical thing was the fantasy Wednesday night some of you dolts had that somehow a disconnect exists between Aaron Judge and his manager. This after a reporter asked Judge about Boone’s postgame comments Wednesday when he stated the team was close to quote “turning the corner”, and Judge seemed annoyed. Nope. He was annoyed the team is playing like crap, that he went ¼ with 3 K’s, and that he is being asked about generally poor play. The bottom line is Boone is not perfect. No one else calls him out more than we all do when he actually screws up. He is not very good at making pitching changes, and managing a bullpen. This is a fair and justified criticism. However the hypocrisy, and insanity has to stop. So before I leave you I am going to give you an outline tutorial of how you SHOULD follow the Yankees. This may allow you to actually learn something, instead of just popping off in rants.

  1. Obviously listen to the NYYST podcast and read all the blogs on the site. Give 5 star ratings

  2. Watch the pre and postgame show on YES and actually listen to a guy like Jack Curry. Don’t start talking to your TV when he starts giving his take on something. Actually pay attention

  3. Watch the games and actually listen to guys like Coney, Flash, and Singy

  4. Read the beat writers like Erik Boland, Bryan Hoch, and George King every day. They are in the Yankee clubhouse every damn day.

  5. Listen and follow Sweeny Murti and Meredith Marakovits. Ditto the above.

  6. Read Inside the Empire by Bob Klapisch, and Paul Solotaroff. Now this is a biggie for all you idiots who think you know something about baseball, and how the Yankees do things in 2019. It’s going to explain to you why Joe Girardi is not the demi-god you all believe. It’s going to show you the days of the tyrant, big league manager are gone, and are never going to come back. This book will show you every team in baseball uses analytics, and sabermetrics extensively(not just the Yankees) It’s going to show you Aaron Boone does not make lineup decisions. So stop bitching about them. He has input, but it is all mathematically driven. This will be another hard one for you Boone haters to wrap your heads around. We learn from Klapisch and Solotoroff that most of the managers in MLB are in the same boat(including World Series winner AJ Hinch)as Boone. Lastly by reading this book you’re going to see why the Yanks made the moves they made this offseason. Hopefully this will get you to quite frankly shut up about Machado, Harper, and Corbin.

  7. Stop relying on fan boy blogs, and their tweets for your info. Their mob mentality to complain about everything with the Yankees is hypocritical, and asinine. There is never been a perfect baseball team. You need to rely on those who actually know something about baseball like all the people referenced above.

  8. Defense and base running are not the managers fault. If you believe this baseball is not for you. The Yankees without Hicks and Didi are just average defensively. You have to accept that. Now if you read and listen to the refutable sources I mention above you will realize the Yankees take more infield than any team in baseball. Fact. Period end of story. Can’t do much more as an organization. As a fan you cannot expect Aaron Boon to turn Greg Bird into Mark Teixeira. Spring training is not like your 9 year olds little league practice. If a guy like Bird wants to improve defensively he’s gotta do it on his own in the offseason, and before and after games. The base running gaffes are 1 billion % on the player. Believe me Aaron Boone does not want a guy like Miguel Andujar wandering that far off a base and I’d bet my kids he lets them know.

  9. Baseball is a marathon not a sprint. The great hall of fame manager Sparky Anderson always said you don’t know what you have with a team until 40 games into a season. So by my math that’s 28 games before we assess who these Yankees are. CC is back tomorrow. Dellin probably next week. Stanton soon after. Tanaka has been great. Paxton will be fine. German has been really good. Aaron Judge plays for the Yanks Happ, and Britton will get better. Hicks, Didi, and Sevy will be back by summer. You cannot go to doom and gloom after 12 lousy games (many of which were played in cold weather)

Today’s terrible tweet goes to @davidtabrown aka New York Yankees Snob. “The Yankees are cheap. F You if you think otherwise” This guy is so stupid he is a danger to life on earth.

I will be back this weekend. Keep listening! go Yanks!


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