I'm done with Clint Frazier

Just about three weeks ago, I wrote an opinion piece about Clint Frazier, saying this is his time to essentially put up or shut up. After last night’s loss against the Astros, I’m done with Clint.

Anyone who follows Clint on social media knows about how highly he thinks of himself. Clint spends a lot of time talking himself up and discussing how great he is. Just pop on to his Twitter feed, or his Instagram account and you can see the ego of Clint Frazier on full display.

In prior years when Clint has come up from the minors, he’s made terrible plays in the outfield. His routes are terrible, he slides when he doesn’t need to and doesn’t slide when he should. In the past I’ve chalked it up to him being an inexperienced minor leaguer. I’m not giving him that leeway anymore. I now believe the ego of Clint Frazier doesn’t allow him to make easy plays. He wants to make flashy “Web Gem” plays all of the time. He wants people to talk about his “legendary bat speed” and his great defense, so he tries to make flashy plays.

Last night there were two plays in the outfield where Clint slid when he shouldn’t have. Runs scored because of both plays. The first, in the second inning, could possibly be forgiven, as it had only a 50% catch probability, per stat guru, Katie Sharp. I still maintain Clint should have caught it. Instead, Clint dove for the ball unnecessarily, missed making the catch, and a run scored.

The second time a ball was hit to Clint, he dove again, unnecessarily. This ball had a 95% catch probability. Yes, you read that correctly, per Katie Sharp, that ball had a 95% catch probability. 95%! Clint dove for the ball, didn’t make the catch and a runner scored.

The Yankees made a lot of mistakes last night, not just Clint. However, the Yankees have an ego problem with Clint Frazier. In my opinion Clint’s desire to make flashy plays and be on ESPN for his “Web Gems” cost the Yankees two runs last night and ultimately the game.


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