Yankees fans need to relax

I’m writing this about two hours after the Yankees dropped their first series to the Orioles. After being on social media during the last two games, I’ve determined some of you need to chill out. I think I’m more frustrated with the so-called “fans” out there than the Yankees themselves.

Not to be cliche but this season is a 162 game marathon. The Yankees have played three games. Three. Today is March 31, not August 31.

First, the Yankees, no matter how good, were never going to go 162-0, so chill out. Second, they were never going go to 19-0 against the Orioles, no matter how bad the Orioles are, so chill out.

Was this series frustrating? Heck yes, it was. Did they look different than they did on Opening Day? Yes. The bats were flat. The defense wasn’t good. Today’s pitching put the Yankees behind before they could even get going. They left runners in scoring position over and over. It was painful to watch. I agree with all of those things. But for goodness sake, there are 159 games left to play.

Some of you need to realize that the Red Sox were an anomaly last year. They won 108 games. That doesn’t happen in a normal season. In any other season, the Yankees, after winning 100 games, would have won the division. This team will turn it around. They are too good not to turn it around.

Every team that made the playoffs last year in the American League lost their first series this weekend. That's right, Cleveland, Houston, Oakland, Yankees and the Red Sox all lost their first series. This is baseball. This is why we love the game. The ups and downs are why we love this game.

Lastly, I want to address this issue. I want every Yankees player to do well, I want them to win and I want a championship. If you boo Giancarlo Stanton or Miguel Andujar when they strike out because it makes you “right” or to prove some sort of a point, go find a new team to cheer for. No one wants you as a fan of this team.


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