Thoughts on Yankees opening day

It's mid morning the day after the opener. Instead of a true game recap I thought I'd hit on some random topics about yesterday's Yankees game, and the goings on around baseball.

1 down 161 to go for the Yankees. That is how you draw them up against a bad team in your opener. Masahiro Tanaka came out, retired the Orioles without allowing a run. Then the offense hung a crooked number on Andrew Cashner in the bottom of the 1st lead by Luke Voit's 3 run bomb. The Yanks never looked back. 7-2 easy, peasey I will take that all day, every day.

As the whole NYYST crew said in our season preview Aaron Judge looked phenomenal this spring. He was amazing yesterday in game 1 going 2/3 with 2 BB, and 3 R scored. If he stays healthy Judge may have a historically great season.

Luke Voit is beast. I mean if he keeps up this insane pace it's next stop Cooperstown. I would be happy if he is just a really good MLB first baseman. Give me righty Jason Giambi.

Everyone in the lineup got a hit except Brett Gardner. As I said in the preview I think Gardy is gonna be a huge disappointment this year. I hope I'm wrong, but he doesn't give me the feels in 2019.

A common theme in all media venues; Adam Ottavino is just filthy. He struck out 3 of the 4 batters he faced in his Yankee debut. I am sure he will have some bad outings, but good god how do you hit that guy?

Couple alarming things about yesterday. The Yanks were 1/8 with RISP. Is this doesn't change they could sign Captain America, and it won't matter. Championships won't be won. This has been this clubs Achilles heal for the better part of 3 years. Aroldis Chapman was just OK in his debut. Topped out at 97 on the gun with his heater. I know it was a blowout, but opening day he shoula been more jacked to pitch. Greg Bird with the A-Rod-ian solo shot in a game that was basically over is kinda funny. Especially after he K'd his 1st 3 AB's.

The Orioles are awful. At WORST the Yankees must go 14-5 against Baltimore this year to win the division. The '62 Mets and their 120 losses are in real trouble this year.

In a bizarre story that Marc Carig of the Athletic broke just this morning Carig confirmed the MLB teams give out a plastic championship belt to the franchise that best keeps salaries down in arbitration. I mean this is like something you hear Mr. Burns do on the Simpsons right? A bunch of billionaires celebrating saving money? Weird. I am sure I will say this 1000 more times. Baseball fans are going to be very upset after the CBA expires after the 2021 season. Not a lot of positivity between the owners, and the players at this juncture.

Finally here is my I'm in my 40's get off my lawn statement. Yes it is always enjoyable to see the Red Sox lose(12-4 to the Mariners). Seattle is going to score some runs this year, and be a little more difficult to play against than in the past. Chris Sale is clearly behind where he'd normally be coming off an injury, and the World Series run. Can both fan bases pump the breaks on the back-and-forth trolling? Baseball is a marathon not a sprint. Both these teams are really damn good. The younger generation of fans in each base spends way too much time bitching about what the other team is doing. Keep your own house in order

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