CC returns for final season on 8 million dollar deal

As one of the few remaining players of the Yankees ‘09 championship squad, CC Sabathia has been a fan favorite and a leader in the Yankee club house from the moment he stepped on the Yankee stadium mound. Sabathia compiled very impressive numbers in his 2018 campaign, when you consider his age and lack of velocity. With the Yankees having only 2 players who are locks for the the 2019 starting rotation (Luis Severino and Masahiro Tanaka) pitching is on the forefront for Brian Cashman this offseason. While Cashman’s search for starting pitching help is far from over, he took a big step towards building a solidified rotation. That big step was resigning starter CC Sabathia to a 1 year deal worth $8 million. This deal is very similar to the one CC signed last off-season, which was for the same amount of years but for $2 million more. The Yankees are by no means overpaying Sabathia, but are also definitely displaying the immense respect they have for the big fella.

During the 2018 year, Sabathia had stated that he would toy with the idea of retirment if the Yankees if they won it all. Obviously they did not, so CC now has some unfinished business to attend to. You would have a tough time finding a Yankees fan who isn’t happy to have CC back, but it isn’t all great. CC will be going into his age 39 season with a bum knee, so while there is plenty of positive about this deal, it also has its share of negatives. However, this would be more of a concern if these were the conditions of someone the Yankees need to be their 2 or 3 starter. That’s not the case with CC. Assuming the Yankees pick up 2 more arms this winter, CC’s role will be as the #5 starter. There aren’t too many teams who can say they have a 5 starter who pitched to a 3.65 ERA last year. Obviously CC has to perform again, but judging from his track record, I think it’s pretty safe to say the Yanks will get their money’s worth in 2019. Now, for those of you pessimistic Yankees fans; (of which there are a lot) even if CC is terrible in 2019, the Yankees have Justus Sheffield waiting in the wings. So relax, this isn’t a move without an insurance plan.

To summarize, the Yankees are getting another year of a guy who is a great teammate, leader and a pitcher who will give you everything he’s got when it’s his turn to start. If you’re upset about this deal, I don’t know what to tell you. With that said, be on the lookout for more pitching moves. With names like James Paxton and Corey Kluber being thrown around, it looks like this will be a fun and exciting roller coaster ride of an MLB off-season.


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