Yankees look ahead to the 2019 season

Been a little under the weather the last few days so I did not have a chance to deliver my ALDS post-mortem last week immediately after the Yankees lost. I also wanted to weigh in about the Didi Gregorius Tommy John surgery, and to address the comments made by both Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone on Friday. The NYY Sports Talk guys have begun their offseason “keep or dump em” twitter polls. I will give my thoughts on the offseason in the coming weeks. Please be sure to subscribe to the podcast, and continue to listen and comment for all things Yankees.

Anyone who is emotionally invested in the Yankees like we all are had a gamut of feelings after losing the ALDS in 4 games to Boston. Look, the Red Sox were the better team in 2018. You cannot dispute that. All the things that made this incarnation of the Yankees unlikable at times showed up after game 2. The ignorance of youth, inconsistent starting pitching, reliance on the long ball, poor hitting with RISP, and indecision by the rookie manager. This was a really good team. It was also a very flawed team. If the Yankees want to take the next step there will have to be improvements in these categories made both internally, and from the outside.

As for Aaron Boone I still stick by my take from last week that he should have been fired after game 3. Owner Hal Steinbrenner openly said in a radio interview with Michael Kay that Boone screwed up keeping Luis Severino in to start the 4th inning. Everyone and their brother knew Severino did not have it. It probably cost the Yankees a series. It should have cost Boone his job in my opinion. The fact he stuck with CC too long again in game 4 was mind blowing. It is certainly a different era and time I guess. The guy is a really likable dude (unlike his predecessor). I am just not sure he is cut out to be a major league manager of a perennial playoff team.

GM Brian Cashman, and Boone met the media on Friday to put a bow on this season. In some crazy news, Cashman informed us that SS Didi Gregorius needs Tommy John surgery on his throwing elbow. He will be back mid-season 2019 at the earliest. This situation will obviously affect the offseason plans. The Yankees are in “win now” mode. They cannot afford to try and replace Gregorius with a role player. His production is too vital to the Yankees.

Other disturbing news to come out of this presser was the entire coaching staff will be back next season. Like I said, I don’t know if Boone has what it takes to take a team to a championship as a manager. How the hell does Larry Rothschild keep his job? Severino’s regression in the second half should have gotten him a ticket out of town. The reports that Sevy was tipping his pitches makes it unfathomable. Rothschild has become the new Kevin Long in that what can he do to actually get fired. Another telling part of this presser was how blunt Cashman was about trading Sonny Gray. Most times GM’s are not that poignant about when a player needs to be moved. Barring a miracle, Sonny will be elsewhere in ’19. He is just not cut out for the big city.

Being a Yankee fan is the best. Based on the comments of both Cashman and Steinbrenner you know the club will do everything it can to stay on brand and compete for a World Series in 2019. It is going to be a fun Winter seeing how this plays out. It will be even more fun for me, personally, if the Red Sox don’t win the World Series.


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