I Just Can't Take It Anymore...

After another “look at me” moment in the field by Aaron Hicks in the Yankees division clinching loss to the Red Sox last week I was set to write a column about ranking the Yankees from my favorite to least favorite(Hicks is going to be near the bottom). Instead I got on twitter for a few minutes, and after seeing what I saw I was fired up! Look I could honestly give a damn whether you like Aaron Boone. What I won’t stand for anymore is a general lack of baseball knowledge while continuously “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” the Guy. You all are not smarter than an MLB lifer.

Is Aaron Boone’s Achilles Heal his bullpen management? Yes. But you know what, since Dellin Betances melted down against the Tigers on August 30 it’s actually been really good. It shows the guy has a willingness to learn from his mistakes, and not be repetitively stubborn like a certain binder wielding curmudgeon from not too long ago. I see people posting GIF’s, and generally cracking wise about how he managed the pen in that Redsox game on Friday night. Your general lack of baseball IQ is startling when you do this kind of crap. The only “slightly” questionable move the guy made was letting Masahiro Tanaka start the 5th inning after Giancarlo Stanton’s grand slam had given the Yankees a 6-4 lead. Why did Boone do that? Because Tanaka is probably in line to start the Wild Card game on October 3rd. The guy’s gotta get through 5 innings for crying out loud! Tanaka went double to Mookie Betts, single to Andrew Benintendi ,and Boone came and got him for David Robertson. Now earlier in the season Boone would’ve stayed with Tanaka(often times incorrectly), Masahiro would’ve blown up, and twitter would crucify Boone. Wash, rinse, repeat twitter-verse. Robertson limited the damage by getting MVP candidate JD Martinez to bounce into a double play, and struck out Xander Bogaerts. Boone then took Robertson out so he would be available tonight against Baltimore.

Now here is where you “wanna be” Connie Mack’s are bitching. Chad Green had the 6th, and absolutely BLEW the Red Sox away striking out the side on 15 pitches. Those guys he faced would not have been able to hit him with a boat oar! I hope all of you read this slowly. Sticking with Green for the 7th was 100% the correct move based on that dominant 6th inning. Here’s why. Because of Tanaka spitting the bit Boone’s options were limited. He had to deviate from the original plan. That’s baseball Suzyn! Many of you refuse to understand that. Dellin Betances has not been that sharp the last week.(as we later saw) You all hate it when he pitches multiple innings. Aroldis Chapman was going to be rusty his 1st game off the DL.(damn right he was). So what I want to know from all you baseball geniuses is what would you have done differently in that situation that makes you so much smarter than Aaron Boone? Who would you have put in to protect a 1 run lead in the 7th inning against the Red Sox as they looked to clinch the AL East? Jonathan Holder?(who essentially pissed his pants at Fenway last month) Tommy Kahnle and his 15.00 era in September? Jonathan Loaisiga? Freaking Sonny Gray? Surely not Justus Sheffield or Stephen Tarpley? That’s what I thought! Crickets. The twitter mob thinks these “real life” games are video games. The twitter mob thinks you plug and play,follow the script, everyone performs to their talent, and the Yankees will win. Ho-Hum. By twitter logic if Boone did everything they said, the Yanks would never lose going 162-0, and then 11-0 in the postseason. Sorry guys. That is not reality in pro sports.

Everyone in the Yankee universe is mad the Red Sox clinched the division at Yankee Stadium. Oakland continues to win. As a fan you have every right to be pissed at Chad Green. I am. The guy threw a flat, inside changeup to Jackie Bradley(a lefty in Yankee Stadium). Talk about BP. That is a stupid pitch after you had just blown Boston away the previous inning. Shame on Green, and Gary Sanchez there. Now read this carefully. Boone stuck with Green because of the limited options I mentioned above. As a former big league starter he is the most qualified “reliever” to pitch multiple innings. It was the bottom of the Boston order in that situation. BTW you’re hero Joe Girardi used Green for multiple innings numerous times last year. To assume any other reliever would come into that game, and get the job done in that situation is as Michael Kay says “The fallacy of the predetermined outcome” It is simply not reality!

Your next ludicrous argument will be why the hell did Boone put Chapman in for the 8th? I will explain. They were now down 2 runs at that point thanks to Knucklehead Hicks showing off his “Howitzer” for the ladies. The lineup had made wife beater Steven Wright look like Phil Niekro since he entered the game. Chapman needed the work so he could close this weekend in 3 must win games against Baltimore. A rusty Chapman is still better than the aforementioned pitchers. He was naturally not sharp, but should have gotten out of that inning. Once again it was the bottom of the Sox order. He threw a damn cookie to Mookie Betts, and got what he deserved.

There were more torches lit from the Boone hating masses on Sunday when AJ Cole turned a 3-1 lead into a 5-3 deficit against the Orioles. Aaron Boone was crystal clear afterward why Cole was in the game in that situation. The "good" relievers(Green, Betances, Robertson, Britton) had pitched a ton last week. Chapman pitched on Saturday as he builds up endurance. His options were extremely limited. I know instead of Cole you'd have put in whoever....Give me a break.

Most people with knowledge(people that cover the team daily, myself, the NYYST guys) think Aaron Boone has done a really good job. Not great. Really good. I am no longer going to stand for stupidity on my twitter feed when you do not have better options.


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