The Yankees Introduce Giancarlo Stanton

At two p.m. today on MLB network, the New York Yankees introduced 28 year old Giancarlo Stanton to the organization. Stanton was acquired in a trade dishing out Starlin Castro, Jose Devers and Jorge Guzman. Giancarlo negotiated with Austin Romine to wear the number 27. Stanton was accompanied by the Steinbrenners, Brian Cashman and manager Aaron Boone.

When Stanton was asked why the Yankees were on his trade list, he responded by saying that the historic franchise intrigued him, as well as the chemistry on the team. Stanton emphasized a main reason for his request to leave the Marlins’ organization was because he “did not want to be part of the rebuild.” He thought that the Marlins had what it took to be a successful team, but Jeter’s “addition by subtraction” method was not a path he wanted to take. Stanton went as far as calling the Marlins organization a “circus” at times, lacking structure, which frustrated him.

There have been questions about how Stanton would do with Aaron Judge on and off the field, due to them sharing the same position. Stanton said that he and Judge could learn from one another, and that they would get along very well. He also stated that he wouldn’t mind any position he was asked to play, whether right field, designated hitter or anything else.

Stanton was asked why he refused to waive his no trade clause for the Giants and Cardinals. He said that the Cardinals were a team that he never considered. The Giants were a team he went in with an open mind, but he didn’t care for their system as a whole. The trade worked out well because he said New York was at the top of the list of the teams he would want to be traded to due to their winning ways.

When asked after the press conference how he felt about the Yankees' potent lineup, Giancarlo responded "I feel sorry for the baseballs."

-Ami Fogel (@ClippardCarter)




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