Aaron Boone introduced as 33rd manager of the New York Yankees

aaron boone press conference

At noon today on the YES network, The New York Yankees introduced 44 year old Aaron Boone as the 33rd manager in franchise history. Donning number 17, Boone is a third generation major leaguer, following in his father, Bob Boone’s, footsteps as a manager. Boone and the Yankees have entered into a three-year contract with a team option for the 2021 season. Boone, accompanied by his wife Laura, was introduced by General Manager Brian Cashman.

Cashman began by saying that it had been a long road for him after ten years, with both Torre and Girardi, to begin the search for a new manager for the Yankees and to end with the hiring of Aaron Boone. He stressed that the manager is someone who, “as they commit to us, we commit to them,” and said that Boone was “someone we can work with and collaborate with.” Cashman described his own lack of experience when George Steinbrenner offered him the job of General Manager, and how Mr. Steinbrenner took a chance on him. He described Boone’s interview and reported that the hiring committee was “all in” on Boone and on making the recommendation to the Steinbrenner family that he be the focus of their attention. In fact, Boone interviewed so well with Cashman and the committee that he did not meet with the Steinbrenner family at all, but was hired on their recommendation.

Despite having no previous managerial or coaching experience, Boone aspires to be a manager who does not just chase wins, but who gets “locked into the process” of developing and impacting young players, most of whom have had success already, become more successful at the championship level. He stressed again and again that he would be looking to form relationships with each player based on mutual understanding and trust, always focusing on the welfare of the player and for the Yankees as a team.

When asked about his lack of managerial experience, he stressed that he was the kid, who at three years old was sitting on the dugout steps watching the game. Boone said “If it’s one thing I’ve known, lived and am, it’s baseball.” Michael Kay agreed with Boone’s self-assessment, reporting that he is “widely respected” by those in baseball. Jack Curry noted of Boone that despite having no managerial or coaching experience, he has “other talents, other attributes” which he brings to the job, most notably, interpersonal and communication skills both between manager and player and between manager and front office. Boone said that he would also be soon surrounded by a world-class coaching staff.

Jack Curry thought that Aaron Boone was “terrific” in this press conference, and he certainly exuded the sort of candidness and confidence he will need to meet the expectations of the New York Yankees. As a rookie manager, he will have numerous challenges throughout the 2018 season, not least of which is returning a championship caliber team to the ALCS and ultimately winning a pennant.

-Chris Northrop (@ringoangel653)





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