Inside the Yankee Locker Room & Mind Blowing Statistics

As some of you may already know, we at NYY Sports Talk have released our first Yankee's Podcast episode featuring Vic DiBitetto. Vic has become a well known comedic figure after his "Bread and Milk" YouTube video went viral before a bad snow storm hit the east coast. But, for us Yankee fans, he is most known for his hilarious "Yankee Locker Room" skits. Take a look for yourself below. I believe this video was after a game the Yankees lost in Baltimore last season. CC started the game, they were an inning away from a big win, and the rain came. We came back from the delay and blew the game. **Explicit Language - Viewer Discretion**

Vic's career has truly taken off over the last couple of years. His most popular video has over 16,000,000 views. It was an honor to have him on to kick off our NYY Sports Talk Podcast. If you'd like to take a listen to our interview with Vic, below is Episode 1 - The Debut.

Looking ahead to Episode 2, being released on 8/23, we get to talk with the extremely talented, statistical genius Katie Sharp. Katie works with River Ave. Blues, a very popular Yankee Blog site followed by many fans. She is most known for her popular "Yankeemetrics" column that is posted at the end of every series. As difficult as it may be to read as a Yankees fan, below is her most recent post, and I highly recommend giving it a read:

Yankeemetrics: Riding the NYY rollercoaster (Aug. 18-20)

As we all know, Yankee broadcaster David Cone is obsessed with baseball statistics. In fact, he might discuss statistics more than he does the game being played. Take a listen next time he's in the booth, I can almost guarantee you will hear him mention Katie's name once or twice per series. Katie Sharp has also worked with ESPN as a researcher and has published many articles in highly regarded sports columns.

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- Chris Jr. (@ChrisJr_NYYST)


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