Will the Real Aaron Judge Please Stand Up?

I'm not going to ramble on with any theories or clever phrases. I'm not going to give my opinion on what could take him out of this awful slump. I'm going to sit back and allow Aaron Judge's statistics create the narritive. That's the beauty of numbers, they don't lie. Here are some alarming numbers between Judge's first and second half that make you wonder, "Who is the real Aaron Judge?"

1st half - 84 games / 2nd half - 34 games


1st half - 36.2%

2nd half - 47.5%

AB Between HR 1st half - 10 2nd half - 17

BA/OBP/SLG 1st half - .329/.448/.691 2nd half - .175/.338/.367

And lastly, the MOST ALARMING stat in my opinion :

BA On Balls Put In Play

1st half - .426

2nd half - .246

This afternoon, at Fenway Park, Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees have an opportunity to keep their AL East hopes alive with what would be their biggest win of the season. Sonny Gray takes the mound against Rick Porcello, but I don't think the attention will be on either of the two. Today is Judgement Day. Today determines who the real Aaron Judge is. With the media and fans starting to question if he's still worthy of batting 3rd, today could put the jury to rest. Which Judge will show up in Boston today? The superstar or the mortal, below average strike out king?

This game is the biggest game of the Yankees season. It's time for Aaron Judge to propel this team like he did in the 1st half and leave the Yankees just 3 games out of the AL East.

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